Monthly Archives: December 2014

The Journey Thus Far….

I would like to think of myself as a Banting Goddess, but alas, I’m not. Not yet anyway…..

I have always had a love/hate relationship with food and as a result my weight has fluctuated drastically for as long as I can remember.

I am tall, 1.8m to be exact and according to society I should apparently weigh in the region of 74kg. For many years this was what I strove towards, being stick-thin in a plight to be accepted. I avoided the mirror at all cost and had a terrible fear of cameras. I hated the way I looked and felt completely undeserving of affection, even from my own family. I fell into a deep and dark pit of depression out of which I thought I would never escape.

In July 2014 I heard the term ‘Banting’ for the first time and being my curious self, I did some investigating.

Having tried just about every other diet known to man I, albeit rather flippant, decided to give Banting a try.

Armed only with a very basic understanding of the diet I dove in head first, with disastrous consequences. I stuffed myself with whatever ‘Green List’ item I could find and indulged in at least 4 BPC’s a day.  The result: I gained 2kg in a week. I was on the verge of a tiny nervous breakdown and ready to throw in the towel – but I did not. The skinny girl deep inside of me begged me to do some proper research and try again, and I obliged.

I joined as many Banting Facebook groups as I could find (this I would later find, was a huge mistake), bought the latest Lose It! magazine and spent hours on the internet reading about the principles of Banting. By beginning August I felt confident enough to jump on the Banting Wagon again.

I still started my day with a Bullet Proof Coffee but also started eating a rather substantial breakfast. I tried to keep my meals as uncomplicated as possible and decided to stay clear of any ‘treats’. Working in a bakery I was faced with temptation daily but by the grace of God I found the strength to say ‘NO’ to every piece of cake begging to be eaten. I’m by no means a perfect Banter. I still have so much to learn both about myself and this amazing lifestyle.

Almost 5 months on and I have lost 14.2kg. I still have a log and difficult journey ahead of me, a journey I would love to share with all of you through this blog. Maybe you can learn something from me as I’m sure I still have plenty to learn from all of you. I can’t promise to be a perfect Banter but what I can promise is loyalty, sincerity, dedication and plenty of laughter and tears.

I will blog as often as possible, covering an array of informative and crazt Banting related topics. Now is the time to fasten your seatbelts, hold on to your hats and enjoy this weird and wonderful journey with me 🙂